Fulfilled Consulting LLC

Fulfilled Consulting LLC is the heartchild of Tonya Fortune Smith

who is a legal professional, advocate for expanding choices

for end-of-life care and death with dignity.

Our goal is to bring grace and compassion to the cycle of life

by planning for it and effortlessly tying up the loose ends.

Who We Are

Planning for the end of life saves considerable time, money, and heartache for those we love most. In our experiences as legal professionals, caretakers, and financial planners; we use our expertise to create simplicity and ease. Our clients can exist in the peace knowing that their end-of-life wishes are known and their loved ones are supported after they are gone.

About The Planner

Tonya Fortune Smith is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Fulfilled Consulting LLC. She wants to talk with everyone about their wishes for care through the end-of-life by creating a care plan so those wishes can be understood and respected. Her goal is to change the conversation by removing the stigma around Legacy planning and speaking about  death by encouraging families to take control of their end-of-life decisions. Creating the foundation of a care plan and Legacy planning can be empowering and even comforting when the need arises.

Our Services

Advanced Care & End of Life Planning

Remember that no-one regrets planning, they just regret not planning sooner.


Financial Planning

Fulfilled now offers specialized financial services to support you and your family’s financial health till and through the end of life.

Fare-Thee-Well Planning

A Fare-The-Well is a set of flawless events designed with you and your loved ones in mind specifically designed.

Compassionate Completions

We know how overwhelming the time after a death can be as you wrap up the personal and financial affairs.

Let’s Talk

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