Inspiring communities to act to ensure Veterans and their loved

ones are compassionately cared for through the end of life.

Fulfilled is committed to sharing our knowledge, experience, and wisdom,
while utilizing the power of storytelling to inspire others.

Our Personal Journey

      • Build trust and rapport
      • Provide emotional support
      • Facilitate open communication and active listening
      • Introduce the idea of legacy projects and memory making activities
      • Offer spiritual, bereavement, and grief support
      • Facilitate end-of-life planning
      • Express empathy and compassion
      • Spend time with Veteran encourage one-on-one conversations
  • Hand holding and connecting
  • Silence is OK…
  • Map out support system (Family, Neighbors, VSOs, Fire Department, The Veterans Legal Clinic at Wake Forest Law School, Veterans Treatment Courts and Veterans Crisis Line).


  • Engaging in End-of-Life conversations with Veterans; understanding their wishes and honoring their service.
  • Can you share with me your hopes and wishes for your end-of-life care, especially regarding your military service?
  • As a Veteran, you have made many sacrifices for our country. How can I support you and honor your service as you approach the end of life?
  • It’s not easy to talk about death and dying, but it can be a powerful way to find peace and closure. Are there any conversations or topics related to end-of-life care that you would like to explore together?
  • You have a unique perspective and experience as a Veteran. How can we incorporate your values, traditions, and beliefs into your end-of-life care?
  • As lamenting doulas, we are here to provide comfort, support, and companionship. How can we best serve you and your family during this time?
  • We all want to feel heard and understood. Is there anything else you would like to share with me or any questions about end-of-life care?

Honoring Service

  • Ceremonies honor the Veteran and their loved ones
  • Obtain verbal and /or written consent
  • Acknowledge their military service
  • Rituals
  • Memorials

Training & Workshops

Need to know more about End-of-Life needs and challenges faced by Veterans in your community? Let us help you gain new insights on skills and frameworks for creating sustainable social change efforts by:

  • Delivering community death education workshops
  • Developing and facilitating workshops for hospice and palliative care organizations to help increase awareness related to the needs of the Veteran community
  • Raising awareness of compassion fatigue, vicarious and secondary trauma

Request Tonya as a speaker at your next event!

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