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     Death Doulas Used to Be Rare 
  The COVID-19 Pandemic Changed That

USA Today

 November 22, 2022 Issue 
Tonya Fortune Smith & Floyd D. Smith
 End-of-Life Doulas, Since 2017

What’s a Death Doula?

An end-of-life doula is a non-medical person who provides
continuous physical emotional, informational, and spiritual support
to their client whose facing a life-limiting diagnosis 

with compassionate engagement and open-hearted presence
or if you care for someone near the end of life.


     This work calls upon old wisdom, work that was done by our great-grandmothers who have accompanied their loved ones through the bookends of life including birth and death since the beginning of time before it had a name. Now, we are the marriage of old ways with new resources and information.

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