About The Planner

Tonya Fortune Smith is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Fulfilled Consulting LLC. She hopes to change the conversation by removing the stigma around speaking about and planning for death will hopefully reinforce that taking control of end-of-life decisions can be empowering and even comforting. Her goal is to connect people with the tools they need to become educated consumers so they can easily personalize their own celebrations and spark meaningful conversations around a taboo topic. She oversees all branding, designing, marketing, and communications.

She is a passionate researcher and authentic voice for change, which includes c-level women, LGTBQ+, and inclusion as well as evidence-based change solutions focused on grounding diversity, equity, and inclusion within complex environments.

Tonya is a long-time advocate for dying beautifully and a powerful voice for dying equally. Tonya is a seasoned Legal Analyst highly regarded for years of success in advising financial services companies and investment management firms in a wide range of complex legal affairs. Some of her noteworthy skills include working with executive in public and private held portfolio companies, advisory boards, and directors in various strategic

and tactical positions to achieve desired business and performance outcomes. She is an out-of-the-box analytical thinker with strong knowledge of business and regulatory issues facings today’s companies and has prepared C-Suite executives for internal and external board of directors meeting and updates through tumultuous environments. She has a proven record of providing solid and strategic business advice to senior corporate counsel and executives on business and legal issues in compliance, corporate governance, capital markets, corporate finance, investment management and litigation experience representing clients in multimillion-dollar actions in complex commercial litigation including class action, medical malpractice, products liability, employment, sports and entertainment, partnership disputes and other commercial litigation matters.

Tonya graduated from Marshall University with a Master of Science in Safety with an emphasis on Ergonomics, Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Law, Safety Management, and Occupational Safety and Health. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies.

She is a champion for inclusion and diversity, affordable housing, environmental justice, civil and human rights. In her free time she enjoys traveling, reading, and camping. She is actively involved in her community and is committed to empowering girls and women to be leaders in their local communities through mentorship, talent development, and advocacy.

Our Purpose & Our Values

Our core principles for FULFILLED are “simple, modern, and honest” which are values that families are looking for especially in this space; Tonya has spent the last four years raising awareness of a topic that many people would prefer to ignore. In the midst of building Fulfilled’s solution, branding and securing early clients, with Tonya immersed in the details of death, she also received a crash course in life, becoming a “Yaya” having three grandchildren under the age of six. She sees many parallels between how people enter and exit life, and believes that the same amount of thought and consideration should go into both events. She absolutely understand this is a hard topic for most people, so we are focused on getting the barrier to entry as low as possible, and getting people normalized to even thinking about death and dying.

What we’re trying to do is make it easier for people to think about what they’d want for end-of-life and to share that information with their loved ones, and also make it easier to know what their loved ones want. We cater to the belief that first impressions are built upon appearance, presentation, and professionalism. As a result, our services reflect care, character, humility, integrity and customization. These are the core values that our company is built upon.

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