We will work with you to create what is most meaningful for you.

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If You Need A Grief Guide

We listen, hold space, and support you as you navigate grief and process death and non-death-related losses.

If You Need A Death Doula.

We partner with you to imagine the kind of support you need and to provide support in those moments leading up to the sacred last breath. Our support includes end-of-life care planning, bedside & vigil support, family projects, emotional and spiritual support, etc.

If You Need Rituals For Honouring & Celebrating Life

We join you in creating and carrying out rituals that honor you and your loved ones, including funerals, memorial services, etc.

If You Need Full-Spectrum Doula Services

We offer non-medically care to people during the full spectrum of pregnancy – from preconception to birth, to miscarriage, to adoption, to postpartum, and more.

If You Need An Apprenticeship

We support you while you discover and strengthen your gifts and deepen your awareness as a soul-care practitioner. We help you do what Tonya Fortune Smith calls “the work your soul must have.” We can journey with you if you are a doula, care professional, or you just desire to grow in accompanying others through loss.

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